We are here to help maximize your
business  potential

At Webnetix, we help small and medium sized businesses regain control over their technology and allow it to work for, not against them. No more struggling with your online presence. Book an in-person meeting with us and gain a friendly helping hand to help your company move forward.

What We Offer

Website Development

One Stop Shop for website design, programming and hosting.

Mobile App

Create mobile Apps for your business.

IT Support

One off IT support and business packages available.

About Us

Webnetix was started with the simple aim to help small and medium sized business with their online presence through their website. We have noticed many smaller businesses either cannot afford or are ignored by big tech companies in London and Toronto, leaving them to either seek cheaper solutions overseas or neglecting their websites altogether.

That is where we come in

Located in Tillsonburg Ontario, we are looking to focus on our own communities in Oxford county and surrounding areas. Offering affordable pricing, in-person meetings and a friendly helping hand to help your company move forward.

Industry Experience

We have experience in many sectors and understand that each company do things differently. We try and work with how you do business and improve the workflow, rather than changing it and confusing your staff. Our mission is to improve and optimize your processes so staff can be more productive at their role rather than slowed down by internal processes.



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